Court recognizes animals as ‘victims’ not ‘property’

In a triumph for animal rights, the Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that an animal can be defined as a “legal victim” in a criminal case, which paves the way for greater police protection – and harsher punitive rulings in the animals’ favor… READ MORE

collie dogPhoto of Rough-coated Collie by Pleple2000, CC License


Woman Saves Dog Running in Freeway Traffic

A woman who braved getting out of her car during rush-hour traffic on Thursday rescued a pooch wandering a Southern California freeway.
Just after 6 p.m. a black dog could be seen zigging and zagging into lanes of the Long Beach (710) Freeway near Atlantic Avenue, causing motorists to slow down and try to corral the pooch…  READ MORE

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New Help Finding Lost Dogs

Every year, some 10 million dogs go missing in the U.S. Today, thanks to some fascinating innovations, your odds of finding a lost pet are infinitely better than they used to be. In the 21st century, there’s no reason your dog should stay lost for long.
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Facial Recognition: It‘s Not Just for Finding People Anymore
Yes, it’s now possible to use facial recognition technology to find a lost dog. The developer of a new, free smartphone app called Finding Rover says he just wanted to help people avoid what his family went through…. READ MORE



New protection for pets in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Bans Animal Traps that Grip or Snare

In a victory for animal rights, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ban traps that grip or snare foxes, coyotes, and other such animals in the city, labeling such traps as inhumane… READ MORE

19thC_snareTrap_PDA nineteenth century snare trap of a type now banned for use in Los Angeles (Wikimedia Commons, Public domain). This type of trap often causes animals needless suffering.


A pet’s extreme love

Dog passes out from excitement as it greets its owner for the first time in two years

The moment a dog passed out from being overly excited at the sight of its owner has been caught on camera.

Rebecca Ehalt, who is now based in Slovenia, returned to her family home in Pennsylvania recently for the first time in two years…. READ MORE


Dog's owner returns

Clean bill of health: The dog was later given the all-clear by a vet who was shown the footage of it collapsing.

Now here’s a great idea – a mobile pet adoption centre

Sen. Klein Announces Funding For New Mobile Pet Adoption Center In The Bronx

NEW YORK — A new mobile pet adoption center is coming to the Bronx.
Sen. Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) and the non-profit Animal Care & Control of NYC announced on Sunday that the borough is set to receive a $250,000 grant to purchase the vehicle…. READ MORE

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Group seeks legal protection for animals left in vehicles in the heat

A group of animal welfare professionals and residents are expected to appear before Nanaimo council Monday to ask the local government to consider a new bylaw that would allow bylaw enforcers to hand out fines to pet owners who leave dogs in hot vehicles.

Judy Schur says in a delegation request before council that she will be joined by fellow resident Julie MacTire, Nanaimo and District SPCA branch manager Leon Davis, local veterinarian Ken Langelier and Sue Hughes of Coastal Animal Services….  READ MORE

Dog in CarPhoto by Almonroth – CC licensed