Re-shaping the World at Glen Highland Farm

Here are some people who are pursuing the Benjamin Project goal of re-shaping the world for animals. Lillie Goodrich and John Andersen founded Glen Highland Farm to save Border Collies from thoughtless and uncaring owners who were unable to provide for the special needs of these high-strung and energetic dogs.
Border Collie at Glen Highland Farm

Rescued Border Collies who live at Glen Highland Farm have acres of land to play in and loving human companions who understand their need for exercise, games and affection. They even hold a summertime ‘Camp Border Collie for Kids’ to bring children together with Border Collies and learn to care for these bright and affectionate animals.

They have dogs available for adoption to loving homes and take an active role in educating people about dogs and their needs.

You can read more about this loving animal care project HERE and HERE.

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