Be Kind to the Animals at Christmas

Shoppers in Hereford urged to be compassionate at Christmas

CHRISTMAS shoppers in Hereford have been urged to be more compassionate to animals this festive season.

Members of Herefordshire Animal Protection League – some dressed in animal costumes – distributed hundreds of leaflets from Animal Aid to people in the city centre on Saturday urging them to give turkey a miss and have a veggie feast instead.  READ MORE ==>

From the Hereford Times

Keeping Track of the Good Work Done by Animal Shelters

Animal welfare workers create shelter database

Los Angeles — Millions of dogs and cats end up in animal shelters or rescues every year, but there are no comprehensive statistics on how many, how they got there, if they were adopted, if a rescue saved them or if their time ran out and they were euthanized. But a new website is aiming to remedy the lack of data.  READ MORE ==>

From The Detroit News


Search-and-rescue dog honored for efforts on 9/11

This is a heart-warming story…

“On the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a 112-year-old hero (at least in dog years) of the search-and-rescue efforts at the World Trade Center was honored for her work, sniffing out survivors among the rubble.

“The golden-haired rescuer – now tinged with grey – was much younger the morning of September 11, 2001 as two planes crashed into the Twin Towers. It was her first deployment with Texas Task Force 1, and she worked tirelessly to find trapped people among the wreckage.”   READ MORE  ==>


Movie hero saves puppy in real life

A hero off-screen as well as on….

“It was an eventful Labor Day weekend for Dwayne Johnson, who adopted two new puppies and then had to use his Baywatch skills to save one of them from drowning.

“Johnson shared the story Monday on Instagram, alongside a photo of him standing in a pool, fully clothed, with one of the dogs in each hand.”  READ MORE ==>


H&M Comes out against animal testing for beauty products

“H&M has jumped on board with a bold campaign aiming to eradicate animal testing throughout the fashion and beauty industry.

“The retailer has teamed up with the animal welfare group Humane Society International (HSI) on an ambitious new pledge to make the ethical treatment of animals a priority in the business. The partnership aims to pursue policy change in countries around the world, focusing on legislative bans on animal testing of cosmetics, as well as outlawing the cruel practices within wool and down production.”   READ MORE ==>