The ‘Playful Pooch’ and Dog-Assisted Therapy

We all seek health, both for ourselves and for out loved ones. But in addition to health, although we seldom think about it, is the equally desirable goal of wellbeing. We all know what we mean by health, but what about wellbeing? The New Economics Foundation has defined wellbeing as “a dynamic process that gives people a sense of how their lives are going, through the interaction between their circumstances, activities and psychological resources or mental capital.”

Dr. Risë VanFleet

If we feel happy and contented, enjoy life, maintain a curiosity about our world and engage meaningfully with that world, then we are experiencing the sense of wellbeing. Those with a strong sense of wellbeing will have control over their lives and a sense of purpose.

How many of us realize that dogs can be a powerful contribution to the health and wellbeing agenda? Well, Dr. Risë VanFleet, founder of the ‘Playful Pooch,’ has certainly done so. Check out the Playful Pooch for lots of information on animal-assisted therapy and play therapy. Dogs really can restore a sense of wellbeing to our lives.

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