Toronto Humane Society brings Rescue Dog from California

Skeezix was a little, caramel-and-white rescue dog looking for a home in California when the Toronto Humane Society picked him up and flew him to Toronto. He had special problems because after being hit by a car his broken leg and fractured pelvis had not healed well.

But Skeezix has a cute floppy ear and winning ways, and he soon found a Toronto family willing to give him a foster home where his injuries would have a chance to heal. His new humans undertook to give him his medications, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs, twice daily. They also administered several kinds of physiotherapy on a regular basis. If all of this worked and healing took place, Skeezix could live a drug-free life with all four legs. If things didn’t go well, the only option given by the Society’s veterinarians was amputation of the broken leg.

Sometimes during the seven weeks of foster care things did not look too good. X-rays showed that Skeezix’s break in the left hind-femur was a serious one. Some felt that he might have to be on pain killers for the rest of his life. But the little dog proved to be an active and fun-loving addition to the family, scarcely seeming to notice that he had special challenges.

Skeezix looking for squirrels outside his new 'furever' home.

Skeezix looking for squirrels outside his new ‘furever’ home.

Eventually the pain-killing drugs were discontinued, and all held their breaths to see if the game little fellow could carry on without them. Everyone was delighted when Skeezix demonstrated that his toughness and love for life won out in the end. Even off pain killers he used the injured hind leg just like the other one, and he was able to lead an active life not only on walks but also running up and down stairs in the house at full speed. He had met his challenge and succeeded.

Shortly after demonstrating that he needed no more medication, Skeezix was adopted by his foster care-givers, and is now leading a happy active life in his new ‘furever’ home.

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