The Benjamin Project is a Hit in Florida

The Benjamin Project recently showed its support for Piper, the Therapy Donkey. A donation to support Piper’s maintenance and travel costs was sent to Piper’s home in Florida, along with a copy piper-benjamin-1of The Benjamin Book.

Piper’s story is an engaging one. Her new home is with Sara Evancho, a Florida woman, who drove all the way to Texas to rescue Piper and her mom. They were scheduled to be sent to slaughter the next day, but Sara’s all night drive succeeded in saving them.

Since then, Sara has trained Piper to be a therapy donkey. She has been certified for this work by Pet Partners in Bellevue, Washington. Now Piper can go to hospitals and nursing homes, bringing cheer and a warm, friendly personality to those whose spirits are low. She is also trained to visit schools and help children improve their reading skills.

The photos show Piper enjoying the copy of The Benjamin Book that was sent to her home in Florida.piper-benjamin-2

You can learn more about Piper and her work at these links:
Pet Partners:


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