New Benjamin portrait is lovely

The new Benjamin book is a treasure. Take a look at this great portrait of Benjamin by the illustrator, Shannon Boggess, in a detail from one of the illustrations.

The book is full of many more endearing paintings to bring joy to the heart of any child.

Dog Riley brings health and healing

Riley’s human is a native Canadian. They take friendly walks together in the forest, and each is healed by the presence and companionship of the other.

Chaga mushroom on birch

But Riley has another gift to give. She has learned how to find Chaga, a mushroom growing on the trunk of paper birch trees. Chaga has been used for healing by native Canadians for generations, and is for them, a medicinal mushroom.



[Photo by Tomas Cekanavicius, CC License]

Coming soon… A new book about Benjamin!

Benjamin’s story is an engaging one. And this time it is being told for children, with wonderful new illustrations by Shannon Boggess.

And it’s not only Benjamin’s story and pictures children will love, they can learn a lot about caring for a dog too. Throughout the new book are loads of tips about what dogs need and how a child can provide for them.

New Benjamin BookCome back to this site often for news about how to buy Benjamin’s new book. You will learn about it here first.