A dog’s amazing loyalty

If you’re like most of us, you love it when your dog greets you enthusiastically when you arrive home. But what was that dog doing while you were away? Why probably eating, playing, getting into mischief and sleeping.

That’s what most dogs do. But one loyal dog in China waits patiently all day long, just so he won’t miss his human’s return.


Kids’ drawings at Benjamin presentations

Malcolm Bernstein, author of Benjamin’s new picture book for children, has talked to many children’s groups about Benjamin and his lessons for young people. At the presentation, children have a chance to make artwork that tells what they think of Benjamin and his story. Here are a couple:

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Is something the matter with our zoos?

Zoological gardens, we have always been told, are places of learning where we can come face-to-face with the natural world, yet still stay close to home. A zoo has always seemed like an unparalleled opportunity to view animals as real living creatures and not just images in a picture book. And too, zoos can play a role in the protection of vulnerable animal species from extinction.

Still, there seem to be some serious problems with this principled view of zoos.


Get Benjamin’s new book for children ASAP

There’s a big promotion for the new book coming up. Benjamin’s new picture book for children will soon be launched in many pet store locations. They will be going fast so act now.

Another heartwarming illustration by Shannon Tracey-Boggess from Benjamin’s picture book for children.

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