The Benjamin Project’s first newsletter

Benjamin the Children’s Book is Here!

We are pleased to share this update on The Benjamin Project.

Malcolm’s children’s book about Benjamin has just been published! Beautifully illustrated, with a true likeness of Benjamin, it incorporates questions for kids to reflect on and related information pertaining to pets.

Here are a couple of testimonials:

“A heartfelt and personal story about the rescue of Benjamin and the wonderful, reciprocal relationship that developed between him and his human parents. A book that will resonate with dog lovers of all ages.” – Rob Laidlaw, Executive Director, Zoocheck Canada and author of No Shelter Here

“A beautifully written story of hope, love and happiness that also gives life lessons in ownership, responsibility, compassion and caring for ‘man’s best friend’.” – Dion Leonard, ultra-marathoner and author of Finding Gobi

The Project’s mission is to raise funds for animal shelters and education on responsible pet and animal stewardship. This book is central to fulfilling both of these aims.

The book has been priced by the publisher at $19.95 and can be ordered from us ( We can accept a cheque or electronic funds transfer. The net proceeds from any books we sell directly are donated in full – just as with Malcolm’s first book; however, no funds flow to The Benjamin Project from sales through other ‘channels’.

At a print cost of $2.63 per book, that means we donate $17.63 per book! So we have set a goal of $8,660 for the first print run of 500 books. But two things we don’t want you worrying about: any price you wish to set is fine (and we are open to quantity discounts!); and, we will get the book to you, not to worry.

And just to let you know, to date we have donated $5,000 from the proceeds of the first book and it’s still selling strong!

Recent Activity

Over the course of the past year, Malcolm has presented on Benjamin’s life at a number of libraries and schools in the GTA, and at Guelph Humane Society’s kids camps.

Two weeks ago, he presented to elementary school children at the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf in Belleville, with simultaneous sign language translation. It was a great experience for us with wonderful kids and educators. Everyone loved the presentation and received a Benjamin Booster certificate; the kids didn’t want to leave! This coming week he will be presenting at the EC Drury School for the Deaf in MiIton, and more such events are envisioned.

‘Platforms’ Wanted!

For The Benjamin Project to fulfil its potential, and especially for the children’s book to realize our goal, we need many more such venues – schools, libraries, shelters, seniors’ residences, community centres, children’s hospitals, book stores, pet stores, clubs, Y’s – the possibilities are endless.

Can you open the door to a ‘platform’? Host a gathering of like-minded friends and acquaintances?

They say it takes a village. That is certainly the case with our Project, as we continue to build a legacy to our little boy. We have also been told how the Project and the ‘tale’ about Benjamin builds community among those who read the story and/or attend a presentation. We are deeply gratified by your support since we started the initiative, and any and all support going forward.

Malcolm and Helen
Shaping minds, changing the world

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