The Benjamin Project’s Fall 2018 Newsletter

The Benjamin Project Thanks You!

Thanks to our many supporters, we have sold out the first print run of Malcolm’s new children’s book generating over $5,000 in donations! The beneficiaries of these proceeds, which have and continue to be dispersed in full, include Toronto, Guelph, Quinte, St. Catharine and Sault Ste. Marie Humane Societies, Haven of the Heart Sanctuary, and several rescue organizations.

What is particularly gratifying is how well our presentation about Benjamin and the wondrous attributes of all animals is received by kids of all ages – from young children to seniors. Through the summer and taking into account events scheduled this fall, we will have presented to hundreds more people in schools, libraries and other venues including: CNIB’s summer kids camp and upcoming community fair; Guelph Humane Society’s kids camp; Armour Heights, East York, Leaside, Mount Dennis and Sault Ste. Marie Public Libraries; St. John XXlll and St. Matthew schools in Unionville and Mildenhall Montessori School in Etobicoke; and Pet Protect Guelph at their upcoming fundraiser.

The parts of the presentation about animal sentience have deep resonance for everyone; and we are convinced that if kids carry this knowledge with them throughout their lives, they will make the world a better place.

2019 Benjamin Calendar is Ready for Order!

Thanks to a very generous donation from The Printing House again this year, our 2019 calendar featuring beautiful hand illustrations from the new children’s book are now for sale. $15 each with the full amount being donated! Please call or write us to order yours.

A Virtuous Circle

We never cease to be amazed at the willingness of people to help us advance our Project. A former colleague recently connected Malcolm with a mutual friend and animal lover now living in another city. In addition to that person making a very generous book purchase, she connected him in turn to someone in her network who is involved with a rescue organization. It will now be selling both of our books at an upcoming fundraiser, and that individual has also arranged for Malcolm to present at a Toronto area school this fall.

Three technology specialists are helping us scope out a web-based network platform for animal lovers, in particular rescue owners, to share information and stories, and be able to obtain online vet advice on a pro bono basis for those experiencing financial difficulty.

A friend and colleague placed a posting about The Project on her facebook page. Three of her friends in BC liked it and she now plans to do presentations about Benjamin when visiting there in the spring. And another friend who does incredible volunteer work with shelter and street dogs in Thailand took the new book with him on his latest trip to read to school age children there.

These are a few examples of a virtuous circle – of generosity, kindness, and passion for animals and their welfare. We are truly grateful.

On the Drawing Board – What’s your Passion?

There are many other developments we envision such as translating the children’s book into Braille and other languages, developing an educational game on responsible pet and animal stewardship, distributing a ‘toolkit’ for teachers to bring Benjamin’s story into the classroom and build out a human animal bond program, initiating a scholarship for kids with a disability or who are otherwise at risk to volunteer in a shelter or pursue post-secondary studies in an animal welfare related field.

It you have a passion for one of these or another idea and would like to collaborate with us to realize it, we’re available to speak with you any time!


Malcolm and Helen

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