A new project partner – Soi Dog Canada!

This amazing foundation, dedicated to saving the street dogs of Thailand, has now received a $300 donation from the Benjamin Project. They aim to help the many thousands of dogs abused, abandoned and starving in that country, where the Soi Dog Foundation was the first of its kind to achieve official not-for-profit status.

The organization is now just over 10 years old, but it now has a shelter in Phuket and a clinic in Bangkok. Their track record includes thousands of vaccinations and sterilizations, together with the arrest of more than 30 dog smugglers.

A worthy ally in the campaign to protect animals everywhere.

Photo is from from the 2 Benjamin book events at St Matthew Elementary Catholic School in Unionville Nov 2. Roberta bustard on right is a colleague and supporter; Nora-gael Fitzgerald in middle is a librarian who organized the 2 sessions- one with grades 2-3, one with grades 5-6; Sondra Sieminski is on the board of soi dog Canada; Bev and her dog Luwana – a 3-legged Thai rescue – are sitting. Kids raised funds and also bought books (ie their parents did).

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