Rescued from the jungle

Abuse of dogs happens the world around. But when David Foster first saw Negrita on a trip up the Amazon, “the vultures were following her, she was that close to death.”

Fortunately for Negrita, Foster has a special soft spot for dogs, even street dogs. So there was no way he could leave her to die.


The stars love their dogs

We all love our dogs. And this devotion is something we share with the stars.

Yes, even the superstars with all the money and all the possessions anyone could desire, value their dogs more than anything. They take them everywhere and make some of them stars in their own right.


Largest donation so far… to the Guelph Humane Society

After a successful event at the Guelph Humane Society on Saturday, the Benjamin Project was able to donate $140 do assist the Society in its work of protecting animals.

projector setup

Set up for the presentation on Benjamin’s life and the two books that bear his name.

cheque presentation

Author Malcolm Bernstein presents a cheque for $140 to the Guelph Humane Society on Saturday.



Do animals need legal status as living creatures?

In most countries, for many hundreds of years, dogs and other animals have been only ‘things’ under the law. As things, humans had a right to buy, sell or dispose of them at will.

Now one country has taken the progressive step of giving all animals the legal status of ‘living creatures.’ This is a wonderful move as it means that animals will now have a special status or value. The law contains a lot of other good news for dog lovers as well.



[Photo by Tim Massey, CCL]

Book signing opportunity

Malcolm Bernstein, author of the new Benjamin’s book for children, will be at Chapters in Waterloo on Saturday, July 14th, between 11:00am and 4:00pm. You’ll be able to meet Malcolm, buy the book for your kids, and have the author personally sign your copy.