Benjamin’s Book for Children

This is the brand new Benjamin book! Buy it here (see instructions below)…

Malcolm’s children’s book about Benjamin, has just been published! Beautifully illustrated, with a true likeness of Benjamin, it incorporates questions for kids to reflect on and related information pertaining to pets.

New Benjamin Book

Here are a couple of testimonials:

A heartfelt and personal story about the rescue of Benjamin and the wonderful, reciprocal relationship that developed between him and his human parents. A book that will resonate with dog lovers of all ages.”  -Rob Laidlaw, Executive Director, Zoocheck Canada and author of No Shelter Here

 A beautifully written story of hope, love and happiness that also gives life lessons in ownership, responsibility, compassion and caring for ‘man’s best friend’.” -Dion Leonard, ultra marathoner and author of Finding Gobi

The Project’s mission is to raise funds for animal shelters and education on responsible pet and animal stewardship. This book is central to fulfilling both of these aims.

The book has been priced by the publisher at $19.95 and can be ordered from us now. Just contact Malcolm at or 416-587-8590 to arrange for payment by cheque or electronic funds transfer.

The proceeds from any books we sell directly are donated in full – just as with Malcolm’s first book; however, no funds flow to The Benjamin Project from sales through other ‘channels’.

That means we donate the full price of $19.95 per book for each book sold! So we have set a goal of $9,975 for the first print run of 500 books. But two things we don’t want you concerning yourself with: any price you wish to set is fine; and, we will get the book to you, not to worry.