We Need Your Help

benjamin_yawningBenjamin is an ambassador for all the Benjamins in the world – four legged, two legged, winged, finned – they are all wonderful creatures which, all too often, are subject to improper care, neglect, and outright cruelty.

We are simply giving voice to their needs and plight, through a focus on children’s education, and an appeal to adults through a heart-warming story about a loveable pooch.

The Benjamin Project is not aligned with any one organization.  Its intent is to work with people and organizations the world over who are dedicated to animal welfare, and, in so doing, contribute in some small way to making the world a better place.

If you would like to help, you may
buy a copy of Malcolm’s first book from Friesen Press,
Amazon.ca or Indigo
and/or send a cheque to

‘The Benjamin Project’
c/o  Toronto Humane Society
11 River Street
Toronto, ON Canada M5A 4C2

Every cent after publisher costs and mailing from the sale of the book and any other eventual ‘product’ in The Benjamin Project will be donated to animal shelter organizations.

And… don’t forget to look for Benjamin, the new children’s book, available from the author!

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One thought on “We Need Your Help

  1. With christimas coming I would like to try selling these books through my work.I work for the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs. People know my love and support for shelter animals. Through the years we have had many pets from the shelter.

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